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At 4Keeps Roses, we believe that every rose tells a story, and we're excited to help you tell yours.

We created 4keeps Roses® to elevate a rose from a flower to a beautiful luxury long lasting gift. A gift that can be cherished all year long and create a living memory of a special moment every single day. Just like a song that reminds us of a special occasion.

The rose is the ultimate symbol of romantic love. No wonder that the single rosebud has historically been a gift that relays not only admiration, but the hope of passion in the future. Embodying the spirit of true love, a single rosebud speaks a thousand words. So if this is the case, imagine how much a perfect rose blossom that has been picked at its peak of beauty, and Preserved to last for 2 years, can express to the love of your life.

A 4keeps Roses® rose is the ideal way to convey a message of love on the day it is given, and long into the future. Is there any other gift which could mean as much?

During your time together you have probably given many gifts to your loved one, but of those, which were actually memorable? Have any previous gifts been displayed in the home, or are any of them kept as a treasured symbol of your relationship?

While most presents are given quickly and then forgotten just as easily, a 4keeps Roses® rose is a love token that will keep her speechless. This precious flower will mark any special occasion as truly memorable, so whether you are looking for a unique gift for Valentine's Day, a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, or graduation, your wife, girlfriend, mother, or any other special lady, is sure to be delighted by our inspiring forever rose.

While most people love receiving a bouquet of flowers, real blossoms fade and wither quickly. If an occasion is important, you will want to select a gift that can be kept and cherished for a long time, and one that calls you to mind when she looks at it. 4keeps Roses® Rose is magnificent and alluring, expressing your heartfelt feelings.

Show how much a person in your life really means to you with a 4keeps Roses® Eternity Rose. She will consider it your most thoughtful and loving gesture to date.
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